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Neutral I always speak to a different person. +1 833-428-0158
Neutral Caller ID 'Unavailable'. Caller hung up when answering machine picked up the call. +1 845-809-9672
Neutral this is the second call in 30 minutes from the same number, there is nobody on the line when I answered +1 855-397-7612
Neutral they are trying to collect something from me. +1 971-404-0448
Neutral The recorded message was about free grants available to business owners. +1 323-310-3800
Neutral When I tried to call the number back the call would not go through. +1 808-353-8510
Neutral Really sorry about that. I wasn't reading a script. This really is an honest attempt in calling the right person. +1 512-796-9395
Neutral The caller, Mark, sounded Indian or Pakistani. +1 303-730-8900
Neutral Again no name and no message left. +1 415-585-6330
Neutral Hawking a clothing sale +1 516-568-5817
Neutral I have asked this company repeatedly to stop calling, but to no avail. +1 571-642-4018
Neutral I missed the call and it went to voicemail. +1 800-721-9162
Neutral ID on Call Hurley Judson (for carpet cleaning) +1 213-320-3646
Neutral I am a living breathing real estate agent. I totally get why someone would be spooked by someone calling them out of the blue. Especially when we live in a era where we have people calling from Africa asking if we can share our bank account numbers so they can deposit millions stuck in foreign banks. I get it. I live in Austin, spend my hard earned money in nearly every community in and around this beautiful hill country. I'll help sponsor a softball team, eat at local restaurants, and time to time see if I can connect the dots when we're out and about. +1 512-796-9395
Neutral The caller asked if I was the homeowner. +1 419-752-5370
Neutral Unable to request that they stop calling, as this is a recorded message +1 425-272-9351
Neutral I have called the numbers back and followed the directions to stop the calls but they continue.sometimes 4 or 5 a day. +1 480-409-0848
Neutral Microsoft scam regarding techs wanting your computer access +1 480-945-0941
Neutral Caller ID showed this number. Left no message. When I tried to call it back I got the taped message "The number you have dialed is not in service. +1 402-879-9903
Neutral called 11/29/13 330pm, 11/27/13 639pm,11/25/13 733pm.11/22/13 6:26pm +1 410-221-6590
Neutral Keeps calling, wont say anything when I pick up. Blocked and reported. +1 619-750-4230
Neutral This is a robo call that comes with some regularity regarding a medical device. +1 970-718-0316
Neutral They called me on my cell phone which I rarely share. +1 832-856-4211
Neutral Consumer recieved a call today from someone posing to be with IRS threatening a law suit against her. +1 832-862-7405
Neutral This caller made six calls on June 2, 2014. +1 833-289-1205