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Neutral This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads +1 716-229-0681
Neutral Wanted my address +1 626-317-6272
Neutral Called me in California didn’t leave a voicemail so thought I’d look on here, glad I didn’t pick up. +1 214-084-2542
Neutral The female that called me from this # stated she would like to ask me about a few details regarding my Canadian Tire Credit card. I was driving at the time and couldn’t answer her questions. +1 705-739-0841
Neutral just called the number back and it was a recording for prankdial.com +1 828-386-9732
Neutral Annoying calling me asking for someone who's not me every day 4 times a day or more +1 605-277-7943
Neutral called me at 1045 pm and ask why i was calling his girlfriend in the middle of the night +1 828-386-9732
Neutral It’s a survey for AAA +1 727-362-6798
Neutral I live in Holland, I never used Uber in my life and just got my first text.. Does someone already figure out how to stop them or does they stopped by anyone yet????? +1 415-237-0403
Neutral Legit call. Contacted me to let me know someone several states away tried to use my card. And declined attempt. Also deactivated my card +1 219-464-4864
Neutral was sent a SMS. "Animated videos help you boost your business by 1000%. starkanimationmonsters.com to Activate 90% Animation Deal" +1 845-832-2051
Neutral "Animated videos help you boost your business by 1000%. starkanimationmonsters.com to Activate 90% Animation Deal" +1 845-832-2051
Neutral Agencia de publicidad en Temecula. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Venden anuncios para la revista fiesta magazine. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Dont waste your time on this rude tranny escort. He is rude, explicit on the phone and he collects nude pics. He will run his mouth saying he is 10 inches and he can get any ts he will also send you the same ridiculous picture on his Twitter @officesu. For Screenshots of the convo email me. Blackstar1008@yahoo.com +1 310-266-4931
Neutral Aqui en el negocio tengo una racka. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Sistema de telarketing automatizado . +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Estan muy bien la revista pero los precios de los anuncios es caro. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Pinche revista bien chingona +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Only hear breathing on voicemail and typing so future calls are now being rejected. +1 260-408-9608
Neutral Got call from officer Maria Garcia that his ssn will be suspended and he is to call back immediately. I told him to ignore as is scam. I reported name and phone # to real ssa fraud division. +1 915-229-6173
Neutral Muy buena revista, ya cumpli 8 meses pautando con ellos. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Telemercadeo super agresivo genuino. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Have you ever parked at the W Hotel in Boston? +1 978-222-7017
Neutral Same thing happen to me. Called my sister too... called from multiple numbers same info given as above. +1 720-799-1274