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Neutral We have also been on your list since its inception. +1 702-290-5957
Neutral nver leaving a message. +1 866-409-0669
Neutral Surprisingly, the message was about eligibility for lowering interest rates to as low as 1%. +1 978-548-6058
Neutral They called to say that my order is going to be delivered. +1 774-530-7049
Neutral I WAS THREATENED WITH 44 COMPLAINTS Against me for some bogus charges. +1 512-271-2935
Neutral I have registered with the do not call list for several decades and for the most part I think it works on all but this outfit. +1 630-381-5653
Neutral Did not answer. They left call back number 1-855-575-7181 person they are asking for does not live here and the phone number they called is used by no one other than myself +1 805-637-7456
Neutral Medical alert has call many times, recorded message. +1 442-233-1306
Neutral Research shows it claims to be medical bill collection agency. +1 503-483-4047
Neutral They will fix things for a fee.$150 for 6 mos.,$200 for a year or $350 for a lifetime. +1 778-612-1000
Neutral Telephone number of caller was requested by dialing *69. +1 833-794-7351
Neutral From 706-400-4917. Recording, Make $10,000 a week call 781-206-3882. Phone number called is on the DNCR. Yes it is a scam. +1 706-400-4917
Neutral I have made over a doz complaints over the last year about this company and I am still getting calls. +1 210-469-4897
Neutral Called me with a recording asking for my mother. +1 406-258-7958
Neutral Asking for Ashley.. names not ashley ...... sounds Indian. Scammer. +1 877-365-9673
Neutral As all of the above happened, I was one that allowed them to come, and listened to an amazing sales pitch. I forgot the name of the sale guys, but he was soooo good at his job, that we ended up buying the unit after over 2 1/2 hours of indecision. The unit is really expensive, (about $3,500), I believe it's a good one from all the demo we saw, but was very unsure that we needed to buy something so expensive. I agree that their tactic to come in your house are not straight forward. Now that I received the gift, after our purchase, the company (IIG promotions) that is handling the 3 nights/2 days getaway for two, provide an e-mail address that is not functional, and a phone #, that tell you that they can't take your call but to e-mail them. I'll phone Coast medical Air and complain. +1 604-559-9212
Neutral I am in Wilmington North carolina and the number has called me twice.I called back and left a message telling them that if they want me they gonna have to come and get me and bring lots of help. +1 832-301-4041
Neutral Y,856,2465513,Ongoing nuisance calls from this number +1 313-474-0365
Neutral This company has called constantly over the past several months and I can not get them to stop calling. +1 385-254-0944
Neutral Also, it was a local number. +1 224-808-5617
Neutral He told them not to call back again and they still are every day. +1 866-969-8529
Neutral My wife cancelled a Sirrius account, they were never given my cell number. +1 202-517-5287
Neutral the caller said i was scheduled to receive a medical alert system. +1 270-900-0825
Neutral says law enforcement will freeze social security administration EDD benefits due to suspicious trial of info and to call them at this number your social security representative +1 888-947-9526
Neutral Message recorded social security suspicious activity said they're law enforcement on recording that benefits will be frozen because of a trail of information and to call them +1 888-021-9324