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Neutral According to the whitepages.com calls from this number are suspected Scam or Fraud. +1 847-841-6400
Neutral I asked them to remove my number from their list via their website (photoflight.info). +1 330-987-5106
Neutral This number has called 17 times between 8:20pm and 8:36pm. +1 714-267-4528
Neutral I have gotten numerous calls in the past few weeks from this company and have told them to stop calling. +1 850-530-8437
Neutral And that at 7:37 in the morning. +1 661-451-6850
Neutral The person they are looking for birthdate/SS# is not me. +1 915-995-6488
Neutral DNC EMAIL: complete contact info not given. +1 201-355-4884
Neutral I have repeatedly told these companies that there is no one here by that name. +1 321-350-0998
Neutral This is same call I got just yesterday. I didn’t reply and won’t after reading your comment tjanks +1 266-669-6687
Neutral This morning the guy on the phone wanted to argue with me about the time of day he was calling. +1 650-534-2021
Neutral I went to the AT&T store in Davis, CA shortly after this started, and asked them to cease telemarketing to my number. +1 800-708-4194
Neutral Does anybody ever actually DO anything with these complaints? +1 919-794-6183
Neutral It's time someone start charging these solicitors with monetary damages. +1 513-912-7074
Neutral Did not find good things online about them. +1 615-916-1333
Neutral says it is a toll free number +1 866-515-4891
Neutral They are automated/recorded messages, and leave automated messages as well, and attempt to obtain my zip code, last four digits of my social, etc. +1 210-319-4216
Neutral When I said I did not have a card with Citibank they hung up. +1 628-257-2589
Neutral informed them that they had the incorrect number. +1 401-284-9306
Neutral They demand to talk to HR (which is me) and get really rude and frustrated when I ask how I may help them. +1 876-368-6701
Neutral First time I told the I knew it was a scam and they hung up. +1 401-284-9386
Neutral This started around Nov. +1 800-236-5052
Neutral Stated we were having computer issues - which we are not. +1 202-515-4886
Neutral Had to listen to the whole recording too. +1 452-623-8314
Neutral I decided to keep a record of all calls. +1 216-235-6637
Neutral Throw the book at them. +1 313-363-9425