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Neutral I received a voice mail stating that it was a fax sent to them saying that they will be serving me and if I wasn’t home I was going to be listed as failure to appear and to call this number 512-772-1983. When I called them they sound legit but couldn’t give me no information. I waited for someone to call me from my house saying that someone came by but nobody ever came! I wish I would’ve google the number before I confirmed all my information with them. They were trying to get me to settle out if court but I didn’t know what it was for. +1 512-772-1983
Neutral We do not want them to call anymore +1 786-619-3206
Neutral they disconnect. I called back and the mailbox was "full"." +1 800-080-1213
Neutral I do not know a single person in Alabaster, AL or anywhere in the state of Alabama. +1 800-225-3445
Neutral the previous one was from NY 212-539-1325. +1 800-315-0715
Neutral I believe the recording said that it was "card member services. +1 757-330-3236
Neutral Calls then hangs up. +1 770-639-2556
Neutral I tell him Im on the federal do not call list, and he says he dosent care. +1 717-542-5452
Neutral I tried calling the phone number but there was a recording saying this was not a working number. +1 727-513-8852
Neutral Very threatening and nasty +1 727-532-7453
Neutral another robocaller, another hangup. +1 747-273-4140
Neutral I can only imagine the number of complaints you get daily. +1 302-782-7523
Neutral I didn't answer the phone. +1 715-522-1743
Neutral Consumer is getting repeated calls from unknown company offering her a medical alert device saying her doctor referred them. +1 403-613-5477
Neutral Never asked for one. +1 702-344-0571
Neutral if not thousands, of people have been harassed by this number. +1 713-550-1811
Neutral This was a solicitation to use their alarm system. +1 713-597-1231
Neutral All have called my number 419-902-9008 and asked for my husband Tom. +1 713-815-7982
Neutral Caller disconnected when I asked them how they got my number. +1 713-936-2930
Neutral Calls from 18056377243 are starting again! +1 828-674-3395
Neutral I implore you to get your head around the true meaning of the law, and prosecute these people, whoever they are. +1 307-222-5886
Neutral Caller ID says "unavailable". Nobody on the line +1 682-499-9058
Neutral This telemarketer repeatedly call the number provided even though it has been registered. +1 707-306-0046
Neutral Microsoft is trying to shut down this company as well, they have had complaints similar to mine. +1 042-364-1788
Neutral This calling needs to stop. +1 248-392-8188