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Neutral Now they keep calling and say nothing or hang up on us several times a day. +1 855-247-0610
Neutral I do not know anyone from there and have not travelled there recently, within the last few years. +1 250-204-6117
Neutral Rec'd two calls within 20 min. Recording wants me to go to vzw153.com. Wife and son's phones also rec'd same call twice today. +1 904-758-3678
Neutral It is recorded and says to press 1. +1 876-532-7172
Neutral I just now looked up the number and apparently others have received unwanted (and annoying) calls from this number. +1 844-438-3039
Neutral Not sure if they are a company or a private caller. +1 773-576-9516
Neutral I did a last-call-return to find the number. +1 781-206-3663
Neutral Didn't answer but looked up the number and see others have reported it as a car warranty scam. +1 801-896-4690
Neutral they called my cell phone at 3:52 pm on 1/02/2014. +1 855-763-2607
Neutral This was a phishing scam. +1 702-620-9008
Neutral i asked to be removed, hung up on me. +1 843-969-9397
Neutral I do not have a credit card with a running balance. +1 334-665-4648
Neutral Pure harassment due to the fact, I told them. +1 530-917-0175
Neutral Keep sending me faxes. +1 562-818-9876
Neutral The caller ID only shows "Toms River, NJ". They call atleast 2-3 times daily. +1 051-249-8129
Neutral I have NEVER sent in money to Breast Cancer. +1 208-225-4264
Neutral I am SO ANGRY since I'm already on the do not call list. +1 316-730-9475
Neutral Does not leave a message if the call is answered by machine. +1 740-602-0704
Neutral Did not leave message. No idea who this could be. +1 717-931-5243
Neutral Scam robo call.. Also called with the same message on 855-528-2505. +1 833-299-0614
Neutral El Clasificado Oxnard Advertising SPAM +1 909-900-0350
Neutral this is an endless round of calls that will not stop. +1 419-219-4995
Neutral Called 7 times one morning and woke up my sick baby who has a high fever. These people of El Clasificado are sick. Blocked them and I'm turning my volume down on phone in case they call from a different number. My baby has been so sick and I don't need more hassle!.Blocked anyway. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral offered $3,000 in food stamps and a medical alert device +1 916-378-8251
Neutral No message, when I answer hangs up, calling the number said it's disabled +1 217-301-5007