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Neutral AT T wants to send me survey questions about AT T service on my AT T cellular device. Notice that the " &" emblem is missing.. Caller ID displayed it like that also. I do not have an AT & T cellular device. Hung up.but cannot block as I do not have that ability on my landline AT & T telephone, yet.. +1 855-419-7365
Neutral This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds! +1 518-350-7765
Neutral Do not answer this call it is a SCAM +1 985-326-2900
Neutral This number called our office and stated her name was Shannon. She asked for the former owner and I attempted to inquire as to why. She said he was a member of the Colorado Restaurant Association and she was calling to ask him questions before the end of the year. Knowing we are no longer members, I did some research. If her name is Shannon and she is associated with the CRA, then she likely worked for the company Event Specilists, Inc. A relative of hers, Christine Chassen, owns it. Shannon would not explain the reason for her call, she was rude and then hung up on me saying she would call back. Hope she isn't surprised to get the same response next time. :D +1 720-499-0871
Neutral Received one call per day for the past week from 619-798-9835. It shows AT&T on the caller I.D. When they call, they NEVER leave a message. I blocked the phone number. I recommend you do the same. +1 619-798-9835
Neutral I don't owe anyone a dime but the internet says this is a debt collector. +1 615-504-7472
Neutral I get continuous phone calls from across the US. +1 682-257-3589
Neutral caller calls multiple times daily and has for over 2 weeks now. +1 252-289-9248
Neutral I wish it was THE FINAL TIME! +1 602-327-8548
Neutral This company calls via different phine numbers incessantly! +1 757-384-1907
Neutral usually at the same time. +1 470-280-1484
Neutral This is really united health and they were contacting me about my children’s health insurance. +1 662-655-4343
Neutral I received a total of 33 of these calls from " Senior Benefits". They ALL came from different numbers. All but two had my area code and suffix if that's what it's called. Each time the man or woman had a heavy Indian accent. When I tried to get more info, email, address, number I can call back on they quickly hung up. The real Sr. Benefits does not do cold calls ever and they are quite upset someone is using their good name. I called a lawyer who advised me to try to engage them in a conversation to retrieve info. The next time they call I will try again. I have told them I am not interested 33 times, don't you think they'd get the hint?code and 3suffix +1 727-848-1865
Neutral Threats and disturbing graphic pictures. +1 516-360-3066
Neutral I didn't have a chance to tell them not to call. +1 617-979-1371
Neutral recorded message or hangs up on you +1 702-831-6864
Neutral I talked to a man and told him to remove me from their list because I was on the Do Not Call List. +1 410-577-8574
Neutral This person is annoying. +1 562-274-7582
Neutral I am tired of screening my calls. +1 702-660-2955
Neutral This number continuously calls, hangs up so I cannot ask them to stop calling. +1 800-728-7393
Neutral I do not recognize the number so I did not pick up. +1 661-536-3110
Neutral Please feel free to call me a b(6). +1 949-401-6255
Neutral Am unable to tell them to stop calling without speaking to them - which would probably encourage more calls. +1 225-250-1193
Neutral just blocked this bogus attempt to speak to me. +1 628-239-0412