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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral Fake tech support. +1 888-865-3111
Neutral I got another call saying there was fraudulent activity on my card. Checked both my statement and my store account and there is none. Tired of these calls. +1 800-934-3799
Neutral Just keep calling me everyday +1 360-589-5781
Neutral Fraud call(?) +1 210-888-0659
Neutral I had gotten another number saying to call this number multiple times saying they are from access capital collecting debt but I don’t have any debt that I am aware of. +1 855-235-8705
Neutral ABC financial handles accounts for gym memberships for many different gyms across the nation, I happened to belong to EOS fitness and had just canceled my membership, strange they didn’t leave a msg since they are a legit business. +1 501-515-5000
Neutral They call everyday & leave a message on my voicemail just saying my name it's annoying I blocked them but the still call with different numbers +1 614-729-6079
Neutral something about updating Google Small Business listing +1 503-433-6106
Neutral I hung up on the man. +1 503-483-8150
Neutral You can opt out or talk to someone the first 50 times I opt out then I would try to talk to someone they always hang up. +1 503-793-5738
Neutral Recorded male voice telling me to push 1 for information on the Walt Disney World holiday promotion. +1 503-915-6193
Neutral these people keep changing their numbers and keeps calling me even though I tell them not to call me +1 504-517-1721
Neutral They call as early as 8am and as late as 9pm and this has been going on for months and it will not stop. +1 503-300-2018
Neutral Since then, they continue to call us in trying to get us to hire them. +1 480-562-4919
Neutral I listened but little did he know I am an IT Admin. +1 480-680-3829
Neutral I get at least one of these episodes per week - this time it aggravated me enough to report it. +1 480-770-3320
Neutral told me that numbers were randomly dialed . +1 469-570-3311
Neutral They refused to give me the name of their company. +1 478-621-1780
Neutral This is a working number and they do answer the phone. +1 479-223-1520
Neutral They claimed to want to talk to us about the Sierra Club. +1 440-644-1279
Neutral This company has called excessively for the last 2-3 months. +1 440-812-3187
Neutral This number calls the house daily, even though we've told them repeatedly not to call. +1 443-304-7630
Neutral will not let answering machine pick it up or us pick it up to tell them to stop calling. +1 443-384-0301
Neutral My understanding is that they are not permitted to call a cellphone +1 469-430-2406
Neutral Not a legit help center. +1 438-498-5862