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Neutral numerous complaints on line for a long, long time against this number why are they allowed to keep it up? +1 636-719-3251
Neutral Same company called yesterday and were reported to you. +1 646-242-4464
Neutral Supposedly someone has already paid for a senior alert system for me and all I need to do is to pay is S&H. +1 647-766-2339
Neutral The calling company left a call back number. +1 610-935-9567
Neutral This group is driving me crazy! +1 612-540-1152
Neutral This man sounded like he had a thick Indian accent and he told me to check my computer. +1 614-807-5115
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Neutral It says its not a working number. +1 609-383-8322
Neutral Company claiming this is my final notice under "financial stimulus" provision that relates to my credit card. +1 617-996-8876
Neutral I have been trying to get off these call lists for several years for this number and b(6). +1 607-465-7001
Neutral I am on the do-not-call registry. +1 609-713-6274
Neutral He asked me to verify my cell #, I did. +1 561-945-2397
Neutral When I asked the caller for his phone number, he gave me 855-342-7122. +1 604-999-5952
Neutral This company is calling my house upto 3 to 4 times a day. +1 562-912-5655
Neutral We are on the do not call lost. +1 563-241-6017
Neutral Company stated that they could put my number on their do not call list and it did not matter that I was already on the National Do not Call Registry +1 564-397-0455
Neutral Nobody was on the line, but tied up the line for quite awhile. +1 559-205-0196
Neutral They claim to be from a financial company trying to lower interest rates on the credit card accounts I may have. +1 562-650-0444
Neutral Some Hindu sounding creep said I was approved for a loan for which I never applied. +1 562-833-5809
Neutral Haven't received calls for several months and now they are starting up again. +1 541-306-6848
Neutral I don't even recall putting my phone number into any of the sites mentioned, nor did I purchase anything online from those sites. +1 516-921-1624
Neutral I haven't answered the phone to receive the call. +1 540-577-8242
Neutral I have notified them that I am not interested and to stop calling. +1 541-209-4774
Neutral Most days I receive 2 to 3 calls from them. +1 509-217-3499
Neutral different number. At least this time it was "Scott" ." +1 530-505-9552