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Neutral The call was initially a recording offering lower credit card interest rates. +1 020-534-1981
Neutral We cannot ask the company to stop calling, because all we get is a recording. +1 844-591-7425
Neutral was not able to tell them to stop calling. +1 888-825-2573
Neutral Called at 500 -am. And hung up +1 610-543-0000
Neutral This is your final notice that you must obtain an attorney to clear an IRS matter or face the magistrate. +1 917-555-1345
Neutral The reason for this call is to inform you IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. +1 995-305-6808
Neutral Consumer received an unsolicited phone call from a company called The Finanical Institution stating they qualified for a government grant. +1 954-837-6786
Neutral They had stopped, but began again today. +1 914-260-9000
Neutral They have called repeatedly. +1 913-669-6256
Neutral the recording has a number to push that is supposed to take you off the list which I have done 2 times yet they still keep calling +1 079-717-6052
Neutral This is the number used for PhoneFusion's visual voicemail service. If you get a call and the caller leaves a voicemail, PhoneFusion calls this number to record the voicemail for you to later retrieve. It is not a scam. I was able to correlate voicemails I received with the outgoing call times on my cell phone statement. +1 718-535-9024
Neutral Call is a recording of lowering your credit card debt. +1 816-419-5358
Neutral They ask you if you want to opt out of these phone calls and when you indicate that you do they call more frequently. +1 801-838-3051
Neutral I have asked them twice to stop calling. +1 831-322-9135
Neutral Number keeps calling. Won't leave message, won't talk. Looked up number online and there are MANY complaints about them being very rude. +1 714-394-4832
Neutral He spoke very dirty/sexual content. +1 718-344-7411
Neutral He also became obscene, using the F word, when I asked him these reasonable questions. +1 704-524-7890
Neutral She always says she will take me off her list and she call the next day. +1 707-256-5609
Neutral would not give name, keeps calling +1 048-853-2543
Neutral i have not submitted for a loan with any organization so i'm not sure why they have my number. +1 215-874-5294
Neutral They are a foreign entity. +1 661-403-6344
Neutral Call is from Medical Alert, recording and we push the number to have it stopped, and still getting these calls about every day. +1 902-650-6275
Neutral I tried calling this number back so that I could ask them to remove my number from their calling list of course I got a busy signal. +1 512-458-1931
Neutral No one is one the line and it hangs up after a short while. +1 026-370-1561
Neutral I called back a few minutes later and received a recording that the number is not in service. +1 316-854-1289