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Neutral They call here for over 3 months and most of the time NO ONE is on the line! +1 855-515-5489
Neutral My brother keeps getting calls for this same thing for me. When asked to verify all my personal info I told them they should have it if they were praying legal action. Theu started give me lip action so I hung up. +1 888-585-8679
Neutral At 1:58pm I received a call and a voice message from someone claiming they are the census bureau and I need to call them back with a claim number. +1 212-763-6657
Neutral They were asking for money, monthly. +1 267-703-0593
Neutral this was a call to my CELL phone which is illegal. +1 386-717-2997
Neutral Voicemail claimed that my social security benefits (which I do not receive) are going to be cancelled if I do not call them back. +1 800-717-1593
Neutral These people called 6 times this morning asking for someone named b(6) I told them no one by that name lives here but they continued to call another 5 times. +1 512-289-9654
Neutral if you ask them what specific credit card of yours that they are calling about they hang up on you. +1 508-623-2449
Neutral Received a couple of calls from this company +1 518-552-8591
Neutral Clinical trial for some unauthorized product. +1 608-403-4941
Neutral This company call sept 30 at that time I told them I was on the no call list, the hung up on me then called back two days later told them the same thing. +1 231-622-2723
Neutral The calls come in from different parts of the country. +1 407-392-2413
Neutral Said for me to get a lawyer and i would be served with in 72 hours to appear in court and good luck WTF +1 302-504-6222
Neutral As usual, no name just a city. No msg +1 816-307-5012
Neutral I am unable to call the number back. +1 878-225-0015
Neutral He phoned back and left a voicemail stating that I was harboring illegal aliens and he was coming to my residence. +1 210-876-1444
Neutral This was a solicitation to obtain their Small Business Alliance Platinum credit card. +1 240-307-1454
Neutral This call was an offer for a medical alert device, but I only punched 1 to speak to a real person. +1 844-325-7923
Neutral I have asked them to stop the calls, but I still get them, frequently. +1 888-257-9393
Neutral WHEN I ANSWERED THERE IS ONLY A BEEP!. +1 973-307-0523
Neutral He became very short and rude with me. +1 832-402-1537
Neutral They called at 3:45pm on 11/27. +1 336-750-6801
Neutral Darryl from Tuff Turf Mole Busters in Grand Rapids MI called to solicit business, at which time I informed him I am on the DNC list. +1 478-742-3147
Neutral Said his name was John. +1 619-383-0755
Neutral I have asked them on numerous occasions to stop calling and have also told them that we were on the no call list. +1 651-505-7901