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Neutral They text this: This is for (what ever your number is) Scotia Management Team alert See this notice immediately: inf0-sc0ta831.com Ref# (usually you last four digits of telephone number, but the last digit is 1 digit higher. So 1234 is 1235. Could be a spoof number as it is Bell Mobility number +1 604-404-3843
Neutral FRM:SJVMDGI SUBJ:joioywv MSG:yclRiO +1 141-020-0500
Neutral I cant tell if it was a recorded message but i think it was!! PZ, you suck. Go back home and get a regular job. PZ are dirty nickles and are built like boxes of cheerios!! +1 702-907-0653
Neutral Phishing scam for IRS +1 608-299-6778
Neutral I HATE PROJECT ZORGO!!!! I AM ON CWC TEAM +1 702-907-0653
Neutral Guy said he was calling from Kallamazoo. Hanging out with Elvis. Weird. +1 330-831-8680
Neutral Same as comment from April 24th. Sounded like an older lady though. +1 972-502-9580
Neutral Says he’s coaching and recruiting since Steve mills was fired within the knicks organization.... Hi sexy... do you like jazz? Missing you. You have beautiful curves. Do u like comedy? How are you doing? I “ ANNOYED “ thought it’s a sick so called friend writing me to see if I respond to asking if I’m in a relationship or what not when I don’t respond to them. Making up a fictitious person for my response. I’ll find out. And let me know as well! My family and friends are detectives, terrorist departments training.. I’ll get the number and who these are sent from ASAP +1 646-599-5365
Neutral I'm not sure about this number. Does this number belongs to Kathy Clarke? As she introduces herself a forex broker from newyork & Company name is Ideal Trader option. Can you please verify this? +1 518-282-2295
Neutral Apparently this con man is texting property owners from an unregistered number claiming to be a neighbor interested in your property. His text says: Hi I'm Dan. I am looking for (your name). I'm a neighbor of yours trying to reach you about your place at.... Did I reach the right #?" This Dan? is obviously lying about being a neighbor and when you call, he calls back and says he is an investor.... Beware potential scammer as the number is unregistered. Advise to just block him.. (954) 280-7063 +1 954-280-7063
Neutral Trying to file for unemployment benefits and the website and phone call wont work +1 573-751-9040
Neutral (954) 280-7063 This guy is texting multiple property owners from an unregistered number. When you call back he does not answer and it goes to VM where it says if you are calling about a property press 1. When you press 1 you go to VM. He calls back from that number immediately and says he is an investor looking to buy properties. Beware potential scammer as the number is unregistered. +1 954-280-7063
Neutral This is the outbound caller ID for the State of Nevada. +1 775-687-7101
Neutral Don't answer the phone!! Scam!! +1 307-200-4080
Neutral Received email that states "We Have Detected Unusual Activity With Your Windows Account on Your Computer." Stated it was from Windows Security Team, but return email address was not from windows. Likely SPAM! +1 844-240-2234
Neutral Not sure what type of call, but in a week I have received 20 calls .. they average 3 to 4 each day . ... I think we should have the right to see who these are as this is total harassment +1 253-948-4608
Neutral I didn't understand a word the caller said! +1 763-274-3899
Neutral No message, Comes up as coming from Cantwell, AK +1 907-409-3466
Neutral Very pushy wanted money +1 504-302-0285
Neutral Calls constantly. Robocall/Spammer. +1 215-240-4835
Neutral Avanti Residential main accounting line for payments. Property Management group. You likely got this call if you are renting and there was a billing error. +1 855-740-3570
Neutral Three rings and hang up +1 904-600-5273
Neutral This person called my elderly mother, used my name and said I had told him to call her about a clearinghouse or something. She thought it must be a scam and hung up. He then called her back and got very vocal and loud with her and said she was very disrespectful to him by hanging up and he was just trying to do his job. This person needs to be stopped from trolling on the elderly. +1 828-372-4761
Neutral I was going to make a donation thru PayPal, but this number popped up on my info page as my phone number. I deleted my credit card info and am going to contact pay pal. I phoned the number to see whose number it is and got message no longer in service. +1 201-555-0123