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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral El Clasificado de Ontario. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral ph 1 111 111 11 wanted to marry me. +1 623-874-9219
Neutral Sounded like he was calling from India. +1 626-400-1446
Neutral It was a recorded message. +1 631-517-0638
Neutral I asked him to remove me from their call list. +1 575-468-1270
Neutral Called about $3000 free groceries and emergency medical bracelet as part of a new senior assistance program +1 619-394-3645
Neutral The call came at 9:03 PM. +1 619-684-7522
Neutral Probably Telemarketers +1 580-453-3347
Neutral Social Security scam robocall. Received two calls on my cell phone on May 23, 2019. +1 858-816-1615
Neutral Once they told me they were with Better Homes and Garden and the last few times they have called and I have picked up there is nobody on the line. +1 619-354-5113
Neutral We have received numerous telephone calls from usually a young women. +1 206-257-2168
Neutral It claimed to be from Verizon Tech but we doubt it because we have had no trouble on our land line. +1 610-242-6028
Neutral I hung up without pressing. +1 612-497-1571
Neutral I started to tell them to take me off their list but they hung up before I was finished. +1 203-445-3984
Neutral recording was in Spanish. +1 602-726-0931
Neutral Was a recorded message so I could not tell them not to call. +1 877-469-9519
Neutral When I tried to connect to a live person to ask them to stop calling and tell them I was on the do not call list, the # disconnected each time. +1 202-601-0955
Neutral I can't block them because the last four numbers are always different. +1 214-705-3679
Neutral Calls day after day I do not answer phone calls from numbers I do not recognize on my caller ID But, it does cause a lot of interruptions in my day +1 608-677-3357
Neutral There is never a person only a recording. +1 318-217-1953
Neutral This is a scam company who tries to scare people into paying debts that they never owed, or have paid in the past. +1 240-734-9763
Neutral Have had 5 calls from them today. It is becoming annoying. No message has been left +1 702-553-0027
Neutral Over and OVER this guy calls with this number on caller id. +1 808-201-8061
Neutral Asking fir money and saying im approved for a loan +1 240-327-8666
Neutral Consumer has reported this to the OH Attorney General. +1 602-483-5210